Marnie J Blum

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the human experience and driven by the need to make sense of both internal monologues and external dialogues. Each piece is a complex, multi-layered exploration of concepts and materials.  


At times it is an introspective encounter with one's innermost voice: our deepest desire for connection, the reality of separation, and the undying hope of our spirit. These works are pictorial stories that become universal – transcending gender, age, and ethnicity – through abstraction and symbolism. I often incorporate silhouettes to focus on human similarities rather than individual differences. These can be seen in my "Anatomy of the Soul" and "...of My Own Making" collections.


Other times my work, like in "Soap Box," focuses on the extrospective human experience; a stepping back or above to offer opinions and make bold statements about “hot button” issues. I approach the work in the same multilayered process but employ bold colors and graphic images to make a statement rather than tell a story. I use segmentation to emphasize that opinions, even mine, are only one point-of-view; a part of a whole.