Marnie J Blum

Hi! I’m Marnie - an arting (it’s a word because I added it to my dictionary), introspective, color-loving, outside-the-box creative.

 I say ”creative” because everything I do on this planet, including art, I do in my own intuitive, shades of grey way. I wouldn’t say I push boundaries as much as ignore them completely, while still maintaining exciting color theories and dynamic compositions.

While 2D mixed media works are my match made in heaven, I am constantly dabbling in loads of other art forms including photography, sewing, sculpting, and art journaling… wherever my eyes and hands take me.

There is a personal story in each of my works that I hope art lovers see, as well as find their own personal narratives in my work. It’s all about connection for me; connection to the work and connection to people.

                                            In my studio with my beloved super long painting apron working on a piece called "Dogma"

                                            In my studio with my beloved super long painting apron working on a piece called "Dogma"

My Backstory

I was born in Southern California and I have moved a lot (7 states and Spain)! Luckily I like change and it has made me very adaptable. I studied art all through middle and high school and was accepted to The Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. Instead, I got married and did the family thing.

While raising my family, I enjoyed many creative hobbies, took a lot of art classes, and even owned a successful online custom costume shop selling all over the world. But those creative outlets weren’t "the dream" - which was to be a full time fine artist.

So in 2012 I decided it was time to pursue the dream. I bought a large canvas and created my first ”real” hang-on-the-wall art piece. It was time to go for broke. I entered a major publishing competition and damn if it wasn't selected and published. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Now I could own the title "Artist" and there was no turning back.


Today I use my art to tell stories of my experiences and work through the emotions associated with them. I love that the end result helps other people with their own emotional struggles and can bring extra beauty into their lives, something I believe we all need.

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And if you’re ever in Raleigh, let me know so we can grab a cup of coffee at my favorite shop.


Artfully yours,

Marnie J Blum